Discover Sea Kayaking

DISCOVER SEA KAYAKING is a short journey that will take you into the world of sea kayaking for a day and is the way to find out if sea kayaking is for you.


Start: 9.30am – Lo So Shing Beach, Lamma Island   –  Finish: 5.00pm – Lo So Shing Beach, Lamma Island

From the safety of Sok Kwu Wan, we introduce you to your sea kayaking equipment.
After a safety briefing, we set up the sea kayaks for your comfort and safety. Each kayak requires adjustment to suit the paddler of the day. We take about an hour to learn how to turn, stop and paddle forward before we take a short trip exploring the coastline.
During a short journey, you will be introduced to different strokes to help to handle the kayak more efficiently.

Lamma Island is a beautiful green oasis located to the south of Hong Kong. We are protected on the eastern side due to the proximity of Hong Kong Island, so our journey will take us north or south in the East Lamma Channel, depending on tide and wind directions.

We will paddle off with the intention of having lunch at one of the many deserted beaches that Lamma has to offer. These are sheltered waters so offer the beginner the perfect opportunity to enjoy a day on the water, learning new skills and meeting new people of like mind.

On our return paddle we will practice all our paddling techniques to ensure that, if you do wish to take up the activity of sea kayaking, you are ready to take the Sea Kayak Control course, the first of our Beginner Sea Kayak courses.