Sea Kayak Instructor / Tour Guide

Sea Kayak Instructor / Tour Guide

Sea Kayak Hong Kong instructor-guides are responsible for ensuring our customers, guests and club members have amazing experiences on our lessons and tours. As an instructor, you will have an integral role in delivering international standard sea kayak training courses to our local club members as well as non-members wishing to gain sea kayak skills and qualifications. Additionally, you will be providing a short course to tourists on a weekly basis.

As a guide, you will be dealing with international visitors and Hong Kong locals wishing to see Hong Kong from a different perspective. We offer 1/2 day to 7 day sea kayak trips and expeditions through a 9 month season.

Most of your work time is spent with participants out on our local waterways in sea kayaks or on Sit On Top (SOT) kayaks.

You are responsible for keeping clients safe and for providing an enjoyable and memorable experience that meets or exceeds the participant’s expectations.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Ensuring clients have an enjoyable, safe, educational and memorable experience in our lessons and tours.
  • Explain and demonstrate proper kayaking techniques and equipment care.
  • Prepare customers for a safe experience by providing thorough introductions to equipment and safety requirements.
  • Perform equipment inspections and complete preventative maintenance projects
  • Monitor changing weather and water traffic conditions and make appropriate decisions to ensure safety of students, staff and other water users in our care
  • Leading programs according to Sea Kayak Hong Kong outlines and risk management policies.
  • Preparing and cleaning up equipment used in lessons and tour, including communicating any deficiencies to the operations managers. This includes lifting and moving kayaks, SOT kayaks and associated gear.
  • Ensuring all required reporting and tour paperwork is completed.
  • Accurately document and organize class related paperwork
  • Prepare and clean up classroom, materials, and equipment

Occasionally, you will also be expected to provide educational programmes to school or other groups wishing to learn about Ocean Literacy and/or provide a socially responsible project such as beach cleanups.

Sea Kayak Guide Responsibilities

  • Set up for daily tour operations: kayak staging & gear preparation, and coordinate with shore staff to confirm the day’s tour schedule and tour float plans.
  • Provide safety orientation for guests on our guided kayak tours as well as for those who are renting kayaks to explore on their own.
  • Orientations include teaching proper fit & adjustment of equipment, good paddle technique and emergency rescue skills.
  • Ensure the safety of our guests through constant awareness of hazards and close observation of each guest’s abilities and needs.
  • Provide an educational and fun experience through the delivery of informative narrative, good storytelling and appropriate conversation (adjust to suit each guest’s individual communication style).
  • Depending on tour launch & return location, guides will be asked to assist with guest and/or equipment transport by car, van, truck or public transport and kayak transport by other means.
  • Assist other guides, shore staff and potential customers, however, the situation warrants.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Communicating availability to work and any changes to this throughout the year
  • Advising participants of other Sea Kayak Hong Kong products, such as equipment, further lessons, tours or rental options
  • Attending mandatory training sessions and skill development opportunities
  • Reviewing and revising course outlines and program descriptions
  • Keeping required certifications up to date

Performance Expectations

  • Prioritize safety of MBAC participants and staff as well as other water users
  • Continually work toward improving technical skills and teaching abilities
  • Be proactive about maintaining functioning equipment and clean areas
  • Capable of maintaining positive working relationships with other staff and customers
  • Able to interact effectively with a wide diversity of people and support our corporate and environmental values and mission

Essential Qualities, Qualifications & Experience:

  • Must have a Degree or Diploma in Tourism, Outdoor Recreation or Education or related field, or equivalent experience
  • Must have a minimum 2 years experience teaching or leading programs, courses or tours, especially in the outdoor & marine environments
  • Must have a background or strong interest in natural & human history.
  • Must be reliable, self-motivated, honest, enthusiastic, gregarious and love the outdoors.
  • Must be team-oriented and have well-developed interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Must have strong communication skills and enjoy story-telling and conversation.
  • Must be physically fit, able to swim, able to lift & carry up to 50 kilograms.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age by March 2018 (applicable to lead guide position only).
  • Must possess First Aid & CPR certification (prior to guiding with paying guests).
  • Must be willing to work variable work hours, including long-days, evenings and weekends.
  • Must be willing to pitch in on a moments notice to help fellow guides, staff and customers.
  • Must have infinite patience and a playful sense of humour!
  • Must love working with people and being outdoors
  • Must have or willing to obtain a Sea Kayak Instructor certification from an internationally recognised sea kayak organisation OR gaining the Sea Kayak Hong Kong sea kayak instructor certification through completing our in-house training course.
  • Must have a current First Aid and CPR training certification.
  • Must have a good working knowledge of seamanship including international shipping markers and signals.

Work Environment

The work environment will involve exposure to salt water, cold water, sun, wind, rain, weather, sand, seaweed, sea grass, ocean currents, sea creatures, breaking waves, and other outdoor elements.

Physical requirements include but are not limited to:
kayaking, swimming, swimming and kayaking in rough and deep water, walking, running, walking or running over rough or uneven surfaces, bending, stooping, lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying loads. Must be able to swim at least 500 metres, dive at least 3 metres deep, swim with a 5 kg object for at least 20 metres and tread water for at least 2 minutes. Must be able to watch and supervise groups of students in the ocean and/or bay while coaching technique and supervising safety. Must be able to recognize and respond to emergencies and prevent injuries or drowning.
You will be working in an Asian culture and therefore you must expect to experience different cultural conditions to working in Europe or the Pacific Rim countries.


On application. Commensurate with experience and skills.

Additional Benefits:

  • Working with an excellent team of paddling and outdoor enthusiasts in amazing Hong Kong
  • Advancing your paddling and program delivery skills through training and mentoring
  • Access to kayaks and equipment for personal use
  • Shared accommodation on beautiful Lamma Island, Hong Kong
  • Flexible Hours

Start date:

March 2018


Full time / Casual / Freelance positions are available

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