Lantau Island – Sea Kayak Dolphin Watch Day Tour

Lantau Island - search for the Chinese White Dolphin – Day Tour

The remote and beautiful southwest corner of Lantau Island (Hong Kong’s biggest island) is the home to the threatened Chinese White Dolphin.

This sea kayak tour takes us from our beach base out into the wild dolphin (Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin) habitat, in search for our unique ‘pink dolphin’ or ‘Chinese White Dolphin’ as the locals call them.

leave no trace sea kayaking


Visit the most remote and beautiful coastal regions of Lantau Island, the natural habitat of the Chinese White Dolphin.


Lantau Island is Hong Kong’s largest island paradise just a 35-minute ferry ride from the Central.
The island is long and thin (rectangularish), with a tall mountainous spine that divides the island north and south.

The southern half of Lantau Island has a remote and wilderness feel to it, even though it is easily accessible by car, ferry and train (+bus). The south coast faces directly into the South China Sea and is therefore exposed to big typhoon swells and as a result, Lantau Island boasts the longest stretch of white sandy beach in Hong Kong – Cheung Sha Beach – our sea kayak base is at the western end of this beautiful bay.

The sea kayak journey from Cheung Sha takes us westward towards the southern most point of Lantau Island, past coastal mudflats (the home of the threatened, prehistoric Horseshoe Crab, along the boulder-strewn coast, to a deserted golden sand beach deep in dolphin territory. Here we stop for lunch and a refreshing swim.

After lunch, we continue our search, exploring the coastal areas, keeping an open eye for signs of the dolphin. Numbers are dwindling in Hong Kong due to the pressure of expanding infrastructure, but southern Lantau waters offer a refuge from this development. We do not guarantee sighting a dolphin, but we usually do. Paddling is this beautiful and remote part of Hong Kong, visiting places few tourist ever see is as much a reward for your time as witnessing these rare sea mammals in the wild.
(if you have time on your holiday, and you do not see any dolphins, we will offer you another trip fee of charge, on a space available basis).

We return to our beachside base for a shower and swim, before heading back to Mui Wo for the return ferry back to Central, Hong Kong Island.



  • Our sea kayak quest takes us into the remote southwestern region of Lantau Island.
  • We swim at deserted white sand beaches.
  • Visit beautiful Cheung Sha beach.
  • We are able to see one of the rarest sea mammals in SE Asia. The Indo-pacific Humpback Dolphin has a wide range, but it is only the local dolphins (in the Pearl River delta off of Hong kong and China) that have such a change in colouration (from grey to a pinkish white as they mature). There are less than 200 in Hong Kong waters.
  • Visit the beautiful Lantau Island.


  • all modern sea kayak equipment (single kayaks).
  • all safety equipment + services of a professionally trained sea kayak instructor.
  • picnic lunch, drinks and snacks.
  • photography and / or videos of the day (waterproof cameras)


  • transport to the Sea Kayak Hong Kong Cheung Sha sea kayak base (the start of the tour). This means any bus, train, ferry, taxi or any other vehicle hire service.
  • accident insurance – please make sure you are fully covered with travel insurance

Transportation to and from Lamma Island

Meeting Place:
Moi Wo ferry terminal. Look for the guy / gal with a yellow kayak paddle.
Meeting time:
Take the 09:10am ferry from Central Pier #6. Allow 35 minutes.
Pay by cash or by Octopus Card at the pier. HKD$28.50 each way

From here we will take the bus to our sea kayak base at Cheung Sha beach. Make sure you have had a hearty breakfast as the day is very active.

The return journey will be at your leisure after 4:30 pm, when we arrive back at our base after the tour. Cheung Sha and Mui Wo both have great places to eat if you want to stay after your swim at the beach. One of our staff will accompany you by bus back to the Mui Wo ferry terminal for your return trip back to Hong Kong Island.

Detailed tour itinerary:
9:05 Depart Central ferry Pier #6
9:40 Meet the instructors and other travelers.
9:50 Bus departs Mui Wo for Tung Fuk (Upper Cheung Sha) sea kayak base.
10:30 to 11:00 – prepare the kayaks / change into kayaking clothes / safety briefing.
11:00 to 11:30 – practice session to learn kayak control techniques.
11:30 to 13:00 – sea kayak south around the coastline to our secret beach for a picnic lunch & swim.
14:00 to 16:30 – search for the Chinese White Dolphin around the coastal waters of South Lantau island.
16:30 – Tour ends – explore south Lantau island, Cheung Sha, Mui Wo at your leisure before heading back to Hong Kong Central.

What’s included:
Picnic lunch, drinks and snacks are included.
All kayaking equipment & services of guides / instructors.
Souvenir photography of the sea kayak trip (we carry water-proof cameras).

What’s not included:
Ferry to and from Lantau Island. Local bus from Mui Wo to Upper Cheung Sha beach.
Any extra food or drinks you may buy during the day.

Price: HKD$750 per person.

What you need to bring:
A set of clothes to kayak in (they will get wet). This should include t-shirt, shorts, swimming costume, water shoes (or trainers).
Please bring good trainers and socks as the hike is hilly and will cause blisters if you are not used to walking.
A camera (if it is waterproof or in a waterproof case), water resistant sunscreen, sunglasses (preferably with strap), a wide-brimmed hat, a refillable water bottle (no single use bottles allowed).

PLEASE NOTE: Do not bring too much with you as it all has to be carried in the kayak.

In case of extreme weather conditions, itinerary and tour may be cancelled or changed without notice. This is to ensure the safety of the guests and will be the decision of the kayak instructor on the day. Please respect this as it is for everyone’s safety and comfort.

Safety and insurance:
This is a very active day and requires a good level of fitness. You should have paddled a kayak before to consider doing this activity.
As with any water activity, it is possible to get your personal effects wet, this includes any electrical equipment that you may bring along (phones, cameras etc). If you choose to bring these, you accept that if they get wet for any reason, you are totally responsible for their loss or replacement. The company will not accept any liability.


The day begins at beautiful Cheung Sha beach, 25 minutes drive from Mui Wo.
Here we change into our kayaking clothes, prepare our kayaks and get briefed for the day ahead.

After a practice paddling session, we head off towards the south western corner of Hong Kong, with the stunning mountains of Lantau island behind us and the Soko Islands in front.

After about 1 hour of paddling we enter dolphin territory. Time for us to take a break at our secret beach, have some lunch and maybe a swim to cool off. The water temperatures in Hong Kong are always warm.

After a well-deserved rest we head out into the bay to see if we can see our friends, the Chinese White Dolphin. These amazing creatures are ‘Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins’ but change their colour as they get older. Starting deep gray, they turn to speckled grey and white then fully white as they reach maturity. They are curious mammals and quite regularly come close to have a look at us.

The dolphins are reducing dramatically in numbers due to the stresses being brought about by infrastructure developments in Hong Kong. Our sightings are very important to the ongoing education and conservation effort. We are the only operator to be watching the dolphins in this area, which is a real privilege. This means there are no motor boats to scare away the dolphins if they decide to come and play.

During the whole day, we have been paddling in a beautiful, remote and historically important part of Hong Kong. There is even a Chinese Ming Dynasty fortress built on the headland at the south-western tip of Lantau Island.

During the whole day, we have been paddling in a beautiful, remote and historically important part of Hong Kong. There is even a Chinese Ming Dynasty fortress built on the headland at the south-western tip of Lantau Island.

These tours fill quite rapidly.

The maximum number of kayaks per tour is 10. This means the trips can fill up overnight. To avoid disappointment, if you feel you would like to do a kayak trip, please make a booking as soon as you can.