Sea Kayak Training Courses

At Sea Kayak Hong Kong we offer a range of international standard sea kayak training courses. These courses are localised so that you progress quickly using our local knowledge for teaching the particular skills that the course is based around.

Being based on Lamma Island, we have access to some of the most pristine paddling conditions on the southern China coastline. The Sok Kwu Wan bay is sheltered on 3 sides by hill, steep hills providing protection from all but the strongest easterly winds. The perfect place to learn paddling strokes without having to worry about the sea conditions – like having our own huge swimming pool!

Also, our courses are comprised of and include all the criteria of 2 international standards – the Australian Canoe ‘Federation’ (AC) training standard and the British Canoe Union (BCU) training standard. This means that, once the courses are completed and you have learned the skills, you can sit these exams and gain recognized international qualifications. We do examinations for each nations award as they are required, but usually twice per year.


The online courses are supplemented to the practical experiential lessons (as essential as the extra time spent paddling on Discovery Journeys to make the complete sea kayaker).

These courses are divided into 8 categories, each can be completed at your own speed, but are progressive in design, so will need to be completed in sequence:
1. Weather (meteorology)
2. Seamanship (skills and knowledge required to keep a ship safe at sea)
3. Planning (going there and back again – route and Sea Kayakers Log Book)
4. Equipment (what to use, when and how).
5. Skills (from tying knots to camp craft to correct paddle techniques and kayak design)
6. Safety (what to do to stay alive including survival at sea)
7. Environment (and nature)
8. Misc (all things that don’t fit in the other categories)

You will receive your login details to access the courses once you have enrolled for a training course.

The Sea Kayak Beginner courses are relatively easy to complete.

If you are not sure that you want to become a sea kayaker, we have a Discover Sea Kayaking day. This is about having some fun in a sea kayak but giving you the knowledge to know there is so much more to know.

Our beginner sea kayaking courses are focused on developing your skills and knowledge to enable you to be more competent at handling your kayak and safer out at sea.
Being a competent beginner is the easy bit, its now you begin to understand there is so much more to learn if you want to take up the sport of sea kayaking. Sea kayaking now turns into a serious hobby, challenging, exciting and rewarding in so many ways.

Essentially you will need to complete 3 x 1-day training courses: kayak control, kayak rescue, kayak journey to learn the fundamentals of sea kayaking. Each day is fairly intensive.For more details follow the links below.

1 DAY  HKD$650

introduction to sea kayaking

Are you interested to discover what sea kayaking is all about, then this is the sea kayak course for you? We will teach you firstly how to maneuver your kayak before setting off to explore bays, coves and remote beaches.

1 DAY  HKD$650

capsizing a kayak

At some point in time you will paddle into or through rough water – rough for your skill set and equipment. Even if you didn’t intend to paddle in rough water, conditions may change, tide or waves may carry you where you don’t want to be. And things might go wrong. Its at those times that you will be so glad you did this basic rescue training course. More here…

1 DAY  HKD$650

sea kayak training China

Learn the basic ways to keep your kayak under control and make it go where you want it to. How to paddle effectively and efficiently, turn, stop and reverse. More…

1 DAY  HKD$650

a sea kayak journey

Having completed your Sea Kayak Control and Sea Kayak Rescue courses, your Sea Kayak Journey course puts it all together. This is a day trip where we review all your skills and put them to the test. You will also discover some more incredible places to paddle.
After completing this course, you will have the skills and capabilities to safely join in our group Discovery Journeys to explore southern China and Hong Kong.

Our Intermediate courses are designed to help beginners with experience perfect advanced strokes and maneuvers, and add some of the more technical paddling and safety strokes that will give you much better control of your kayak in a wilder sea.

seal launch

Learning how to handle your kayak in extreme conditions requires practice and training. The coastal waters of Hong Kong and China provide every venue needed to take your skills to the highest level. Our advanced courses include Sea Launching; Pour Overs: Rock Gardening: Surfing: Ocean Swimming; Combat Rolling: Exiting the surf zone & much more.