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This sea kayak trip has become infamous on Instagram due to the stunning sea arch at the end of Jin Island. 

The amazing Jin Island sea arch is caused by the explosion of the super volcano 140 million years ago, creating an incredible rock formation of vertical columns of volcanic tuff. Through millions of years of weathering, the ocean has punched a hole through the headland allowing us to kayak through the incredibly scenic arch.


To make such an arch possible, the ocean has to have power and the cliff has to be exposed to that power, so on some days we can encounter some bigger waves that may not allow us to land inside the arch safely. However, that does not detract from the sheer beauty of the landscape.

Jin Island is the innermost of the Outer Islands of Port Shelter, approximately 10 from Sai Kung.


To get to the outer islands of the geopark, we paddle one way and for the other we us a speedboat. This trip is NOT suitable for complete beginners.

SKILL LEVEL: This trip is NOT suitable for beginners.
FITNESS LEVEL: You will need basic fitness to complete this distance.
KAYAKING EXPERIENCE: Previous kayaking experience is required.
DURATION: 1 day – moderate (approx.15 kms)
DEPARTS: Daily, 09:30 am – Sha Ha Rd carpark, Sai Kung (see map below)

Potential for Postponement.
Because this trip takes us into exposed ocean conditions, we may need to postpone if the weather or sea conditions are unfavourable.

Also, due to the logistics involved in using a speedboat to get passengers to or from Kau Sai Chau, we require a minimum number to operate. We may need to postpone the trip if that number isn’t reached.

We will endeavour to confirm the trip a minimum of 3 days prior to departure. 

Price : HK$850

Jin island Sea Arch sea kayak tour

the trip in pictures


We use double sea kayaks for less experienced paddlers or paddlers with children. Doubles are faster and more stable making it easier for people to do the distances required per day.

Our single sea kayaks are stable and easy to control. Available on request.

This includes spray skirts, paddles & spare paddles, buoyancy vests, paddle floats, pumps etc.

Our guides are seasoned professionals with international qualifications. Not only are they familiar with the regions in which they paddle, they are also fully trained in sea kayak rescues, first aid and emergency procedures.

We provide a picnic lunch during the trip as well as fruit snacks and drinking water.

We will be taking photos all the trip which will be freely available for download after the tour is over.

The one way speedboat trip is included in the trip.

meeting place

Map & Location

Sea Kayak Hong Kong kayak base

Our meeting place is on the waterfront in Sai Kung.
Simply walk along the waterfront esplanade to the left (when facing the ocean) until you go around the headland. In about 400m you will see our kayak launching location.

On booking you will be emailed a PDF with  the meeting place details.


A large refillable water bottle. Other than that, as little as possible. You will need a change of clothes for after the trip. For the trip you will need a swimming costume, a pair of shorts, a pair of wet shoes (don’t only bring just 1 pair as it is really uncomfortable wearing wet shoes home), a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, hat (important) and a sense of wonder. 

Anything of value that will be ruined if it gets wet. No electrical equipment unless you can protect it from the harsh marine environment.

Yes we can cater for special dietary needs. Please provide details when booking.

We have a waterproof camera and take photos all day. We will upload those to our website for you to download free of charge. 


Ask more questions before deciding.


Please Note: Due to the logisitics involved taking a speedboat to and from Kau Sai Chau to commence or end this trip, we cannot operate with less than a minimum number of guests,

After submitting your booking request, please wait for our confirmation email and payment instructions.We will confirm departure a minimum of 3 days before your trip once all payments have been made. Thank you for your understanding.