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Covid19 and the saltwater environment

covid 19

Salt-Based Technologies to Help Stop the Spread of the Coronavirus

Salt is a natural substance that inhibits the growth of bacteria — partly through dehydration, and also by upsetting the enzyme activity of microorganisms, damaging their DNA. Salt is essential to human and animal life, and has a long history of use in food preservation and flavouring, in pharmaceuticals, in-home remedies (for example, as a mouthwash and wound cleanser), and in agriculture and industrial products.

The theory behind salt’s potential ability to inhibit severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is that when droplets containing virus particles come into contact with a salt-coated surface, the water in the droplets dissolves some of the salt.
When the water evaporates, the salt recrystallizes and the jagged salt crystals pierce the virus membrane and kill it. This method has been tested against influenza viruses and bacteria.

The marine environment is a salt heavy (safe) environment.

When sea kayaking we are constant contact with salt. It is in the atmosphere around us, it is on all the surfaces of the kayaks, our clothes, our gear.

Salt is pervasive, destroying our phones, our clothes and most importantly the viruses and bacteria that wish to harm us. 


Salt-Based Technologies to Help Stop the Spread of the Coronavirus



Private Tours, Courses or Events

CSR Corporate event Hong Kong

Private tours, course or events.

Sea Kayak Hong Kong offers regular sea kayak tours, courses, school & holiday camps and special events. However, we can also offer private sea kayak tours events etc or even develop specific one off events for special occasions.

All our standard tours can be private.

If you wish to create a private tour from one of the existing range, you simply need to complete the online form asking for the tour providing which dates you are interested in (please plan at least 2 weeks in advance as we are usually very busy).

We will require a booking for the equivalent of a minimum of 6 people on a private tour. Any additional people over 6 will cost the normal tour rate (we do not charge extra for private tours). Our maximum number for private tours depends on the tour selected. A half-day or full-day trip is usually less than 12. If you want a larger group, then special arrangements will need to be discussed.

All private tours will be operated to the same logistics as the regular tours.
Contact for more details.

Bespoke private tours or events.

We can also work with any person or group to create one-off events or tours designed specifically around your needs.

The price person will be determined by the factors involved in the trip. If you have a firm idea of the trip you want, send us an email for a quotation.

Please understand that if the trip you describe is in the open ocean or location that can have safety issues, we may not be able to accommodate your requests unless the participants have the necessary skills and capabilities.

Complete the form below to request a private sea kayak tour or event.

Foodie Seakayaking – Yin Tim Tsai

yin tim tsai Hong Kong

Not your average sea kayak journey! Perfect for foodies & beginners.

A perfect beginner sea kayaker to enjoy a relaxing day exploring local islands and eating local food.
Starting at 11:30 AM we depart Sai Kung for a short paddle to Yin Tim Tsai. This will take about an hour, depending on the weather conditions of the day.
Here we stop to take our (potentially first) food break for the day “noodles at the church”.
This is an island with a very distinct history in Hong Kong and deserves a short walk to explore.

We depart after lunch to attempt a circumnavigation of Sharp Island, the very rim of the ancient ‘super volcano’ that actually created the UNESCO Global Geopark. On the way, we may stop at the cafe to sample some more simple cuisine before heading back to Sai Kung.
A total distance of 12 kms will mean you will burn enough calories for the day to justify enjoying the food you have eaten!

If you are interested in taking this club trip, visit our club event page at .
If you are not a member of our sea kayak club, you can apply for your free membership at the same page.