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Ocean Litereacy International (Hong Kong)


4-hour tour - departs 13:30 daily

HK$500 per person

Sai Kung West Country Park

3 Fathoms Cove

Three Fathoms Cove is a coastal inlet between Sai Kung West Country Park and Ma On Shan, which was once known as Kei Ling.

The scenery is varied, from ancient archeological settlements and  restored Hakka village, to remote grassland perfect for picnics, beautiful coastal scenery and lush mangroves, with no crowds to spoil the tranquility.

Our destination is the beautiful and unique village of Sham Chung.

Our sea kayak journey

Our sea kayak journey is relaxed and takes in the local beauty and serenity. Ma On Shan (Kei Ling) dominates the western vista, towering above our heads. On the opposite shore we have peaks with cascading waterfalls (in the wet season) creating magnificent splendour.

The ocean is clean and clear with coastal mangrove systems to explore. This region has been settled for over 30,000 years and today is dotted all around with small villages. Our destination, a semi abandoned Hakka village called Sham Chung where we explore and take a break before heading back to Kei Ling Ha.


Suitable for Beginners

We use very stable, easy to control double kayaks make the trip suitable for all ages. No previous experience required

Natural Serenity

3 Fathoms Cove is a mostly an untouched, natural environment with native birds and crystal clear waters.

Local Heritage

We take our time to explore one of the small, semi deserted villages on the shores of 3 Fathoms Cove. This Hakka Village is famous for its Hakka cuisine and landscaped surrounds.

Beautiful Vistas

We are surrounded by majestic mountains and verdant vegetation covered hills. In the wet season the cascading waterfalls are astounding.

Trip in Pictures

A beautiful, very easy sea kayaking experience in a rarely visited part of Hong Kong

Tour Times:

13:30 daily:

The kayak trip is timed to allow you to easily get to our departure place from anywhere in Hong Kong.

Meeting Place:

Kei Ling Ha San Wai,
Sai Kung

You can change into your sea kayaking gear when you arrive.

What To Bring:

  • Large (1l+) refillable water bottle
  • Swimming costume
  • Sun hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Shorts (to wear over swimming costume)
  • Sun shirt (long sleeved if possible)
  • Wet shoes (NOT flip flops or CROCs)

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