There is no better way to learn about the ocean than camping beside a beach, playing and learning new skills in the ocean as well as on the adjoining coastline.


Holiday Camps

1 to 5 days - Lamma Island

During the school holiday periods we operate “ocean literacy” Adventure camps at our base on the south coast of Lamma Island. The camps are designed to offer kids from 8 to 16 the chance to live and play next to and in the ocean, exploring the coastal environments, learning about the Green Sea Turtle habitat and learning new adventure skills (sea kayaking, surfing, SUP, coasteering and snorkelling (to name a few).

The camps can either be a day excursions or overnight experiences camping on a remote beach (with easy access to facilities). 


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School Camps

1 to 5 days - Lamma Island

OCEAN LITERACY is the understanding of the important role the ocean plays in man’s existance on earth and how man’s existence on earth impacts on the oceans.

This includes knowledge about what the ocean is, how its many moods impact on the planetary systems including geography (land forms) and the atmosphere (weather), the many life forms it supports (especially the Green Sea Turtle and Finless Porpoise – endangered species endemic to Hong Kong) and its role in Climate Change.

We explore all facets of this interaction using skills known or learned during the camps including snorkelling, coasteering, swimming and kayaking.

International Adventure & Conservation Camps


Sea Turtle Conservation - Bali

A small island off the coast of Bali is the home of a wide range of sea turtles. It is also a beautiful place learn about & help save the endangered Green Sea Turtle, which also calls Hong Kong home.
NEW FOR 2019