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clean up by kayak

Getting into those difficult to go to places to remove the coastal rubbish that is too hard to remove by any other means than a kayak.

Cleanup by Kayak

Hong Kong has over 1,000 kms of coastline, much of it on the 230 remote islands or isolated country parks.

These coasts are supposed to be in pristine condition due to their isolation – however, that is far from reality. As trash drifts in from the ocean, these coastal environments become landfill, especially in locations where it is impossible to hike to.

That is where we come in…
Cleanup by Kayak.

We can and will go into places that others can’t get to, to remove this unwanted rubbish.

rubbish clean up by kayak

If you look closely you will see....

If you look closely ......


Everyone is welcome (needed) to help!

Most of the coastline of Hong Kong has never been cleaned, so after years of trash accumulation, there are hundreds of beaches, coves and inlets that are in dire need of rubbish removal. This is a massive task.

We have embarked on this project with the knowledge that we need all the help we can get, so we are creating opportunities for locals and visitors to join in on this important environmental campaign. 

You will also have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping the marine environment by reducing man’s impact on the ocean.


let me count the ways....

plastic polution is everywhere

1. Do a Cleanup By Kayak Tour

To make this sustainable, we realised we have to make it fun too. We also have to target locations that need the most attention first.
So, we have decided to concentrate on the remote coastal locations of the Sai Kung East Country Park (UNESCO Global Geopark) as this is an area of global significance, and an amazing place to kayak.

Organised by Sea Kayak Hong Kong, these day tours take the hassle out of the logistics and organisation. The tour guide will look after you during the day, making sure you are safe and having a fun time visiting remote and beautiful places by kayak and helping clean up our coastal environment. A win win!

2. Local, Group or Club Events

If you have a club or a group of friends and you want to do something tohelp, why not join one of the existing scheduled events (check the availability using the button below), or contact us to organise your own private group Cleanup by Kayak event.

Please understand, we will be cleaning the beaches and coastline as shown by the location map as this is where we have positioned our kayaks at the moment.

There are hundreds of places to clean here and all are within the Global Geopark..

3. CSR Corporate Events

If you have or work for a corporation that wants to get involved in cleaning up the beautiful coastal environment of Hong Kong, contact us and we can create a special event for you, or join in on one of the regular scheduled events. 

All proceeds go to Ocean literacy International (Hong Kong) Limited, a registered Not For Profit Organisation here in Hong Kong working hard to clean up our coastal environment and provide Ocean Literacy to Hong Kong.
That may help your tax position as well as the local environment. Another win win!

cleanup by kayak

4. School programmes

Schools can become involved in many ways.
Creating an environmental education field trip incorporating a social activity – that is cleaning up a section of the Hong Kong coastline.

Doing a UNESCO Global Geopark educational day including a social activity – you guessed it, cleaning a section of the coast.

Doing a skills development day (how to use a kayak) with a social activity – yup, thats the one.

Sea Kayak Hong Kong will design educational fun days for students to enjoy the outdoors while participating in a cleanup event. Science is everywhere in the UNESCO Global Geopark.
Contact us for ideas.

This is where we will be cleaning.

Our kayaks are currently based in Pak A in the Sai Kung East Country Park (centre of circle on the map).

We use large 2 person sit-on-top kayaks so that we can transport the rubbish easily back to our base for collection by a government contractor.

There is a famous seafood restaurant in the same village, so after the event, if you feel like a nice meal or a cold drink, it is there for you to enjoy. 

Transport arrangements are usually by taxi from Sai Kung (approx $25 each 4 share) in the morning, then by speedboat back at the end of the day (approx $100 each). This however is optional. Once you have booked a place on an event, you will be sent an information sheet with appropriate details for the day including what to bring, how to dress etc.

Most events will be suitable for beginners – no previous experience required, unless otherwise stated on the booking system.

Price per person is $300. This covers the cost of kayak rental, safety equipment and a professional guide if required.

cleanup location

Contact us for more ideas

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