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FITNESS LEVEL: You will need basic fitness to complete this distance.
KAYAKING EXPERIENCE: Moderate kayaking experience is required
DURATION: 1 day – moderate (approx.14 kms)
DEPARTS: 10:00 am – Pak A, Sai Kung East Country Park (see map below).
PRICE: HK$750 pp 

This trip is for people with some sea kayaking experience as we take you into one of the most exposed (subject to wind and waves) sections of the Hong Kong coastline.

This is a spectacular day that can be compared to some of the best sea kayaking coastlines in the world – it is the rason for the UNESCO Global Geopark. this trip will forever be implanted in your memories.

The coast is made up of stunning sea cliffs of 5 and 6 sided columns formed from the explosion of a super volacano. These cliffs have been pounded for 140 million years breaking in places. These breaks form caves and sea arches that are brilliant to explore by sea kayak.

Then we have the beautiful white sand beaches in hidden coves. Magnificent.

Our actual route is always determined by the weather conditions on the day.

the trip in pictures

the trip in words

Price : HK$750

This section of the UNESCO Global geopark was created by the explosion of a super volcano that blasted over 70 cubic kilometers of earth’s crust into the atmosphere turning it into dust. This dust then settled back down to earth, but still super heated it again turned back into solid rock.

This is a very specific type of rock due to the nature of the minerals . As the dust settled in grew into mighty 6 sided columbs towering 100 to 200m high and 3 to 8 meters wide. 

We paddle alongside this geological wonder. the largest area of this type of rock on the planet Earth!

Our day begins by taking a taxi or speedboat from Sai Kung into the Sai kung East Country park. Due to the laws in Hong Kong, we cannot include this in the tour as we do not have a Travel Agents License (we are a tour operator not a travel agent).
Details of this are included in your information kit when you book your tour.

Once at Pak A, a very small remote village in a protected bay, we get changed into kayaking gear, have some practice paddling, then head out to see the magnificent coastline. We use very stable double sea kayaks for this tour as the conditions can sometimes be quite lively.

Our actual route will depend on the weather and sea conditions on the day, but you will see some magnificent coastal features whichever route we take. 
We will have a picnic lunch on a remote beach. As we do not have any shops near our base, it is necessary for you to bring your own lunch. Don’t worry, we have dry bags to put it in.

We will try and enter some caves or paddle through some sea arches, depending on the safety at the time. We finish around 4pm, get changed into your dry clothes and then prepare for your journey home.

We have a special arrangement with a speedboat that can take you back directly to Sai Kung. This is very popular at the end of a long day. the price depends on the number of people travelling. This is optional. you can return by taxi also.

what's included

We use double sea kayaks for less experienced paddlers or paddlers with children. Doubles are faster and more stable making it easier for people to do the distances required per day.

This includes spray skirts, paddles & spare paddles, buoyancy vests, paddle floats, pumps etc.

Our guides are seasoned professionals with international qualifications. Not only are they familiar with the regions in which they paddle, they are also fully trained in sea kayak rescues, first aid and emergency procedures.

We will be taking photos all the trip which will be freely available for download after the tour is over.

Snorkeling equipment is available for people wishing to explore the underwater world around the islands we visit.


We meet at Pak A. To get to pak A you will need to get a taxi then have a short (and quite nice) hike down from the road, then around the coastling to Tung A where we have the kayaks stored. 
Alternatively you can get a speedboat. We have a special arrangement with an operator who will take you from Saim Kung pier directly to the meeting place.


A large refillable water bottle & a hearty lunch. Other than that, as little as possible. You will need a change of clothes for after the trip. For the trip you will need a swimming costume, a pair of shorts, a pair of wet shoes (don’t only bring just 1 pair as it is really uncomfortable wearing wet shoes home), a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, hat (important) and a sense of wonder. 

Anything of value that will be ruined if it gets wet. No electrical equipment unless you can protect it from the harsh marine environment.

We have a waterproof camera and take photos all day. We will upload those to our website for you to download free of charge. 


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