Ocean Litereacy International (Hong Kong)

Basic Sea Kayak Control Course

Kayak Control Course Hong Kong

About this course

If you really want to safely enjoy sea kayaking you need to develop the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience. It is also essential for the safety and enjoyment of anyone that you are paddling with, that you know how to control your kayak!

The essential training you require is the Basic Kayak Control Skills Course.
This one (1) day course teaches you the basics of kayak control using the 5 fundamental paddle strokes. This is a beginner level course (Level 1) and is also the first part of the (5) five day Basic Sea kayak Competency Certificate Course.

This online module complements the practical paddle strokes training course giving you the fundamentals of the environments that you will be paddling in, how to interpret them and what effect they have on your sea kayak.

What you will learn

Once you complete this module you will understand the following:

  • The design of a sea kayak and how it works
  • The elements of weather that affect your kayak
  • How wind affects your kayak and what strokes to use to control it & when
  • How waves are formed, and what effect they have on your sea kayak and what strokes to use to control it and when.
  • What tides are and how they create ocean currents, and the effect currents have on your sea kayak.
  • The fundamental techniques of each basic sea kayak stroke and when to use them.