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As this is a very important time in the battle against CV19 we are implementing some operational procedures to help ensure we don’t accidentally spread the virus to our sea kayaking friends.

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Your safety is and always will be our primary concern.

Due to the current risk and restrictions imposed by Covid-19 we have adjusted our operations to adhere to all current guidelines (+25% for social distancing rules). 



1.  Please make sure you are wearing a face mask before the activity starts and be in your kayaking gear.

2.  Please bring your own personal water bottle for drinking water. Ensure it is full on arrival. We will supply you with top-up water during the day.

3.  From the moment that you arrive we ask that you keep at least 2 meters away from your guide and anyone else who you do not live with.

4.  Be aware of your greetings – no rubbing noses, shaking hands, kissing cheeks etc. Please remain a minimum of 2m distance from your guide / instructor.

5.  When we brief we will comply with govt regulations (ie no groups more than 2) and we will be spaced more than 2 m apart during the briefing process (this is normal as the paddles are 2 m long and would hit people if they were closer together).

6.  All our equipment is for the individual paddler which means passing of the virus through touch is impossible.



7.  Once you have been issued with your equipment (paddle, buoyancy vest etc), keep that as your personal gear for the day. In other words, don’t put your paddle down and then pick up another. The same goes for your buoyancy vest, mask and snorkel. 

8.   Once on the water, all our equipment and yourselves are constantly being washed by the ocean, dispersing any potential contact immediately. As we operate on the open ocean, there is little but most probably no chance of the virus being transferred from 1 person to the next. Salt water also acts as a killing agent for virus and bacteria (see scientific document on this page available for download as a PDF).

9.   Double kayaks, when used, keep the paddlers at a minimum distance of 2 m apart.

10. All kayaks, when on the water will maintain a minimum distance of 2m apart. 

11. Food, when provided, is served in individual containers with individual cutlery.



12. After every trip all our equipment is washed or soaked overnight in bleach (masks & snorkels).

13. Maintain your 2 m distance even when saying your goodbyes.


All of these procedures ensure that we will meet personal protection requirements as well as the govt ordinance.

Remember, staying safe is the responsibility of all kayakers. Please do your part.


You will be emailed a COVID 19 procedures PDF on confirmation of your booking.


The marine environment is an extremely safe environment with regard to virus and bacteria.

Salt is a naturally occurring mineral that is proven to eradicate the threat of virus or bacteria within minutes.

Please download the following scientific article that explains the way that this occurs. 

More health data.

There are many factors why sea kayaking is an optimal activity during a period of the COVID virus pandemic marine. These are (not listed in order of importance);

1. Outdoor activity the table below shows the statistical data of chances of infection from location types based on current infection data from the UK.

2. Naturally socially distanced.
The greater the distance between people, the less chance of getting infected as the airborne virus loses its potential over very short distances. It’s hard to get too close in a kayak.

3. Humidity reduces the chance of the virus surviving in the air. A study by Harvard School of Public Health (link provided) highlights that high humidity stops the virus. Sitting over the ocean has a naturally high humidity percentage of 60%+
Click Here to view the paper.

5. Salt is a naturally occurring mineral that is proven to eradicate the threat of viruses or bacteria within minutes. Please download the following scientific article that explains the way that this occurs.
Click Here

6. Exposure to sunshine increases our levels of vitamin D, essential for boosting our immune system around 30 minutes in the sun per day is essential to have a sufficient level of vitamin D to build a strong immune system.

7. Exercise for health and fitness. This obviously helps combat the severity of illness associated with any infection.