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yin tim tsai Hong Kong

Not your average sea kayak journey! Perfect for foodies & beginners.

A perfect beginner sea kayaker to enjoy a relaxing day exploring local islands and eating local food.
Starting at 11:30 AM we depart Sai Kung for a short paddle to Yin Tim Tsai. This will take about an hour, depending on the weather conditions of the day.
Here we stop to take our (potentially first) food break for the day “noodles at the church”.
This is an island with a very distinct history in Hong Kong and deserves a short walk to explore.

We depart after lunch to attempt a circumnavigation of Sharp Island, the very rim of the ancient ‘super volcano’ that actually created the UNESCO Global Geopark. On the way, we may stop at the cafe to sample some more simple cuisine before heading back to Sai Kung.
A total distance of 12 kms will mean you will burn enough calories for the day to justify enjoying the food you have eaten!

If you are interested in taking this club trip, visit our club event page at .
If you are not a member of our sea kayak club, you can apply for your free membership at the same page.


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