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The photo above (needs to be seen on a computer, not a phone- phone photo link below). was taken during one of our pre-pandemic trips where we had 10 people in our group. So, as you can see, sea kayak camping in groups of 2 is a relatively normal pastime for sea kayak campers.  You can see that the tents have been set out by individual groups within the main group. On the right is a group of 2, then on the beach on the left, we have a group of 3 tents, then in the far corner we have another 2 tents. 
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Social distancing is normal when sea kayak camping.

This is the natural order of things when sea kayaking and camping in remote areas. During the pandemic on our health & wellbeing camping trips we will enforce this natural behaviour by selecting campsites with ample room for multiple groups of 2, but as you can easily see, it won’t be necessary. We all need our space naturally.

Social distancing is important.

The table shows the latest statistics from the UK (Jan 2022) showing the chances of catching COVID in the various socially distanced venues.
Less than 0.001% chance in a well ventilated outdoor setting!

covid spreadability chart
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For your additional peace of mind and mental well-being we have created a downloadable PDF (links below) called Health & Wellness for you to read.

It covers all the science we have today (including links to the medical journals) about the benefits of time outdoors, the benefits to health and well-being, relationships and your immune system of an ocean based physical activity during the COVID pandemic..

Mental health is as important as physical health for your wellbeing

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