Sea Kayak Adventure Group

Ocean Litereacy International (Hong Kong)




"Waves are not measured in feet or inches, they are measured in increments of fear"

- Buzzy Trent

Full Membership – valid 12 months – HK$300

Visitor Membership – valid 3 months – HK$300

Corporate Membership – valid 12 months – $HKTBA

No, only residents of the Greater Bay Area of China, visiting sea kayakers from other sea kayak clubs and friends and family of existing club members visiting Hong Kong

Yes, our minimum age is 16yrs. Requires parental consent.

Our club, like every other in Hong Kong, is required by law to have an organisational structure. 
The Hong Kong Sea Kayak Club has its own constitution and is jointly managed by Ocean Literacy International Hong Kong Limited, a registered Not For Profit organisation in Hong Kong and Sea Kayak Hong Kong Limited, an internationally recognised sea kayak tour and training organisation.


"When man comes to like a sea life, he is not fit to live on land"

- Dr Samuel Johnson

We are a very active club. we try to hold events at least every Saturday and Sunday + every public holiday. 

We also hold midweek events when we can. On full moons we try to get out as well.

Most of our events are sea kayaking trips. However, as a part of Ocean Literacy International, an ocean education NGO, we also arrange ocean clean up events and ocean education events. 

Yes, most certainly. 
This is one of the fundamental concepts of running a sea kayak club, to promote sea kayaking as a rcreational pastime. To do that we need to make sure our members are safe. To do that we hold regular training courses year round to help build up member skills.

No, only club members.


Club sea kayaking events are run by volunteers with the skills and experience to set the club trips.

These trips are graded into levels of difficulty. Level 1 to 5 with Level 1 being the easiest.

Paddlers can only join trips that marry to their personally graded skill level.

99% of the time the club events are FREE, NO CHARGE, GRATIS!

sometimes there is a need to cover direct costs such as kayak transfersto or from a starting point.

YES, this is the core mission of Sea Kayak Hong Kong, to make sea kayaking accessible to people in Hong Kong. 
The main impediment to sea kayaking in Hong Kong is sea kayak ownership – where do you store these beasts. So we have a fleet of sea kayaks for rent exclusively to club members. Conditions do apply, but they are available on a first come, first served basis.


"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor"

- John George Hermanson

Yes, it can be, with following the 6P’s. but in reality, there is no such thing as a safe sea kayak trip.

Every sea kayak trip has risks built in that cannot be eliminated. 

With membership comes the responsibility of being safe. Not just keeping yourself safe, but keeping others safe too. We call this our culture of safety.

What does this mean?
1. We have a detailed Safety Manual that all club members must follow.
2. We have a trip grading system that marries with a paddlers grading system, so all members know what trips they are safe to go on.
3. We have a minimum skill level that every member has to acheive before they can go on ANY club events, even the most basic.
4. This means that every club member has to be able to control their sea kayak in easy paddling conditions by completing the basic Kayak Control Course before anything else.


Before any club events are published they are scrutinised for their safety by the most experienced members of the club and the Administration Committee. this ensures that the culture of safety is maintained.

Every club member has to complete the Basic Rescue Training course aspart of their membership responsibilities. 

For any club member wishing to assist with or run club trips, they have to become Basic Rescue Instructors as the absolute minimum safety standard.