Jul 22, 2018 – north Lamma Island sea kayaking in Hong Kong

North Lamma Island on a warm summer day.

Q: What is so special about sea kayaking in Hong Kong?
A: The crazy variety of seascapes that showcase the crazy variety that is Hong Kong.

Sea kayaking around Lamma Island, the third (3rd) largest of the 260 islands that make up Hong Kong and the closest to Hong Kong Island itself highlights these contrasts.   

Departing our base in Sok Kwu Wan (the centre of our island), we immediately paddle through a traditional fishing village and passed the waterfront restaurants. Nothing new. Birds of prey fly overhead (black kite, white egret, grey heron) as we paddle into the East Lamma Channel – the second busiest shipping channel in the world (by volume). On the right is Hong Kong island – 1.2 million people, on the left is Lamma Island – almost undeveloped with 6,000 people. Our journey takes us around the island to the otherside, facing the open south China Sea past villages and then through a a power station! Our final destination is a white sandy beach on the west for a swim before a short hike home. This trip is often run in reverse. 

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