Jul 31, 2018 – Tai Tam Explorer day trip, Hong Kong

Tai Tam Bay + more on a glorious summer day.

It is always really heartwarming to paddle with different nationalities and especially different characters. Today’s trip was that in spades. I had a wonderful day with you 3. 

Q: What is so special about sea kayaking in Hong Kong? 
A: The crazy variety of seascapes that showcase the crazy variety that is Hong Kong.

Sea kayaking around Tai Tam Bay behind the seaside town of Stanley highlights these contrasts. Departing our Tai Tam Tuk base we are surrounded by small working sampans and a tiny cluster of waterfront village houses and family businesses. Even the abandoned pumping station that provided water to Hong Kong city in the early 1900’s. But it doesn’t take long (15 mins) before the shorelines on the eastern side are covered in multi-million dollar apartments and the moorings are full of multi-million dollar yachts.  

The west bank is still untouched with old hamlets destroyed by the Japanese invasion in the 2nd world war still empty. Pill boxes on the shoreline as testament to the battles that happened here. Remote beaches only accessible by foot or boat just 3 kms from one of the most popular recreational beaches on Hong Kong Island. The contrasts never stop. 

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