Sea Kayak Adventure Group

Ocean Litereacy International (Hong Kong)

BASIC kayak control

Essential sea kayak paddling techniques. 

The first of 4 elements in the Sea Kayak Hong Kong Sea Kayak Competency Certificate  

1 day course - HK$700


The morning is spent learning the fundamentals of sea kayaking: the wind, weather, ocean currents, waves and tides, and how this all effects the sea kayak. 
Understanding the elements of the sea kayak, how & why they work and the most effective way to control the kayak.

1 - 4 pm - essential paddle strokes

Most of the day you will be in a sea kayak, learning the essential skills necessary to control your sea kayak, specifically so that it goes where you want it to, even if the winds and waves are forcing it to go somewhere else.

· Forward paddle stroke
· Backward paddle stroke
· Sweep Stroke
· Stern Rudder
· Draw Stroke

You will learn how to sequence your strokes for most effectiveness combining two or more techniques to make your kayak dance, choose the correct stroke to match the wind and sea conditions, make micro adjustments to counter the effect of winds, learn how to support yourself with your paddle while continuing to glide effortlessly over the ocean.


Single and double sea kayaks to practice the different techniques.
Personal safety equipment including bouyancy vest, spray skirt.
Sea kayak equipment including paddles, pumps, paddle floats.
Qualified and experienced sea kayak instructors.

A Sea Kayak Log Book for recording your journeys 


Bring a change of clothes to kayak in. Make sure you have a pair of water shoes or shoes that you are OK getting wet. It will happen!
Bring your lunch and a re-usable water bottle. No single use bottles are acceptable.
Bring a sense of humour and a level of courage and tenacity. Learning a new sport or activity is not always as easy as you think.

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