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Specialized Kayak Features

When fishing from a kayak you need confidence to be able to stand, cast, and catch fish, be comfortable in the elements and maintain your position at anchor. Our kayaks have been specially equipped to make all those possible.


We have added stabilisation outriggers on both sides of the kayak, positioned behind the seat of the paddler so that they don't interfere with paddling the kayak to a new location.

Comfort & Storage

A comfortable seat and stable platform for you to sit or stand when fishing. Plenty of dry storage for you to take your drinks and snacks (or even a full meal), a sweater or windbreaker so that you don't need to finish early if the fish are biting.

Fully Equipped

The kayaks have rod holders, anchor systems, safety flag, tackle box, catch and bait storage and preparation deck. Obviously a paddle and bouyancy vest also.


hourly rate

bulk discounts apply


without fishing rod
$ 50 Per Hour


fully equipped
$ 80 Per Hour

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