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Ocean Litereacy International (Hong Kong)


Club membership has it's benefits, but there are also responsibilities.

As a member of the Hong Kong Sea Kayak Club (HKSKC) you have many exciting opportunities to learn and develop, to share and to be mentored. You also have your obligations and responsibilities which require an understanding before you join. 

The responsibilities can be divided into 2 types:
1. On the water responsibilities: the core principle here is – safety at all times.
2. Off the water responsibilities: the core principle here is – care and assist at all times.

We have developed a set of guiding principles to help people understand the code of conduct on and off the ocean. These are outlined below.

"I wanted freedom, open air & adventure. I found it on the sea"

- Alaine Gerbault

Please take 5 minutes to read this. It's important.

Sea kayaking is not a race, nor is it a contest of paddling skills. It is an experience that takes you into another place where you are at peace or at odds with the forces of nature. 

These are always more powerful than you. Always! So tread carefully as you paddle. Know your limits. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you if you need it AND it is your responsibility offer help if it is needed. This club is a product of the club members and being a club member means you are expected to help.

If you have kayaking skills, then your help in training other club members is always welcome & appreciated.

The club will also have events where we will be involved in upgrading facilities at our venues. Volunteering to help on these days will make our club events more enjoyable. 

The ocean is an extremely dynamic environment. It can change within minutes from serene and placid to wild and dangerous.

To ensure your safety & the safety of other club members sea kayaking with you, it is essential that you have the required skills and knowledge to participate in the club trips and events.

Beginners will be expected to complete 2 courses before participating on a club trip.  These are compulsorary and will make your ocean experiences much better and safer accordingly.

But safety is also about presonal preparation before a trip, not just developing ocean skills. Course details are below.

HKSKC is NOT a tour service provider. That’s what Sea Kayak Hong Kong does.

This is a club formed specifically to help make sea kayaking more accessible in Hong Kong, for people who want to explore Hong Kong by sea kayak.

To do that requires a lot of time, effort and, in some cases, money.

We have legal obligations to fulfil, as well as moral, social and environmental ones too.

All of this requires participation from its members.

Club equipment is a good example.

If you use gear, put it back clean. If you find gear left behind, pick it up and put it back where it should be. Help before and after trips with cleaning, packing up.

Assist the trip leaders rather than relying on them etc etc.

It’s that simple.

Everyone helps, with everything, all the time! 

If that’s not part of your makeup, then you will not enjoy your time with us, or last very long as a member.

Be warned, we are fun but firm.

All our club trips on the ocean require a minimum standard of competency to participate.

This standard is  called Basic Kayak Control.

In order to make sure that you have these skills, once you have joined, you will need to do a Basic Kayak Control Course (free) prior to participating on ANY club trips.

The other compulsory course, the Ocean Safety Course is online. This course takes you through the preparation knowledge you will need to understand the environment in which you are paddling.

If you have prior experience that is acceptable to the Club Standards then you do not have to complete the Basic Kayak Control Course.

This decision will be made by the club executives.

In order to ensure all club members understand how the club works, member responsibilities, use of facilities and equipment rental etc, there is a “Know Your Club”  course to be completed. 

By having this as a compulsory course, we know that every member understands their obligations to other members and to the club. Hopefully, it will make everyone’s membership a better and more enjoyable experience.

Oh, and kayak rental is $100 cheaper per day once you  have have completed the course.

Only Club Members can participate in Club Sea Kayak trips.

This makes sure that all paddlers will have the minimum skills and knowledge required for safety.

Friends or family will be required to join and complete the basic kayak control and safety courses pior to participating in any club trips.

Guests from other sea kayak clubs around the world will be offered a “visitor membership” opportunity.

Special “introduction trips” will be organised on a regular basis to allow non club members to understand what sea kayaking is by providing an easy and controlled experience for them to try it out. These will be promoted through the Meetup App.

Sea kayaking exposes us to the natural world.

In Hong Kong that natural world is being spoiled quickly and permanently.

As part of your responsibility as a member of this club, you will have to comply with some sustainability requirements. These in general are Global Standards but local issues such as NO single use plastic water bottles on our club trips is a good example. 

These are covered in the “Know Your Club” course.

Build an understanding of the enviroment in which you are enjoying your time. The ocean has a dramatic impact on our ability to sea kayak and we have a dramatic impact on it’s ability to sustain life. 

By extending your knowledge through experience and courses you will become a more responsible user of this amazing resource. 

To better understand ‘Ocean Literacy’ visit

"Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit"

- Brooks Aitkinson

Club Member Participation Standards

To attend any club sea kayaking trip or event on the ocean, you will have to meet the minimum competency standard for that trip as set by the Trip Leader based on the Trip Grading System.

These standards have been created to make your sea kayaking as safe and enjoyable as possible while ensuring that you do not jeopardise the safety and enjoyment of other club members 

"There is nothing more enticing, disenchanting and enslaving than the life at sea"

- Joseph Conrad