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The Hong Kong Sea Kayak Club & Alumni


We welcome everyone interested in sea kayaking.

Membership of the club gives you access to free sea kayak events and training courses, sea kayak rental,
and you join a community of other sea kayakers in Hong Kong.

Sea kayaking is an amazing way to sea the incredible coastal environments & islands.



Run safe, enjoyable and educational sea kayak trips exploring Hong Kong every weekend and public holiday throughout the year


We design trips to suit all skill levels. All trips are lead by experienced members or professional instructors.


Provide affordable sea kayak and equipment rental to all club members to make sea kayaking more accessible for people wishing to enjoy sea kayaking in Hong Kong.


Provide club equipment for rent. This includes sea kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks


To be part of the greater Hong Kong community by participating in and helping others develop socially responsible projects such as the International Friendship Club at Tai Tam Wan.


We have the privilege of viaiting some amazing and remote locations. To give back we conduct regular beach cleanup events or assist other organisations with their environmental efforts.


Provide the essential training necessary for people wishing to enjoy sea kayaking in Hong Kong and the opportunity for all members to improve their skills and competencies.


Ensure all members have the essential skills it is compulsory to do the FREE Kayak Control Course and a Basic Rescue Course


To provide a vision for the advancement of sea kayaking in Hong Kong. To further provide opportunities for members to develop their sea kayak leadership skills.


Leading sea kayak trips requires additional sea kayak skills. The club provides regular leadership training courses to sypport club members wanting to lead trips in Hong Kong & overseas.


To provide opportunities for our members and the general public to understand the impacts man is having on the world's ocean and the impact the ocean has on mankind.


To actively engage in and promote the conservation and protection of the ocean and all life within it, the very elements of our planet that we enjoy while sea kayaking.


Run social, competition or other events that develop a sense of community and engagement for all sea kayakers in Hong Kong.


Encourage the development of sea kayaking in Hong Kong the club will offer open days to provide a basic sea kayak experience to non-members.


To develop club venues to facilitate social events, training camps, weekend camping and places to hang out. Our next venue will open in Dec 2019 in Tai Tam Wan.


Our club venues will be exclusively available for club members and their friends. Kayak storage will be available at each venue exclusively for club members.


To promote Hong Kong as a sea kayak destination. To become involved in the international sea kayak arena by connecting with fellow sea kayakers around the world.


To connect with sea kayak paddlers around the world and organise international sea kayak trips. Destinations under development for 2020 include the Philippines, Hawaii and Greece.
Past Events & trips

Club Events & Courses

The current events calender is only available for club members.

Recent Club Trips...


Club trip sea kayaking skills & experience requirements:

NOVICE: No previous sea kayak experience.
BEGINNER: A newbie who has completed the Basic Sea Kayak Control Course (BSKC).
BEGINNER +: A beginner kayaker with 2 to 5 sea kayak journeys + BSKC.
BEGINNER ++: A beginner kayaker with 5 to 10 sea kayak journeys + BSKC + Basic Rescue Skills.
INTERMEDIATE: A beginner ++ kayaker having completed the Intermediate Skills course. experienced

Search for the white dolphin, Tai O & the Fan Lau Peninsula

and see if we can spot the critically endangered Chinese White Dolphin (Indo Pacific Humpback…

Sea kayak food journey – for the foodies, an easy beginners paddle.

This is not your average sea kayak trip – which usually includes bringing your own…

Intermediate skills course – the brace and support strokes

A sea kayaker progresses to the next level when they can confidently stop themselves from…

Circumnavigate Kau Sai Chau

This will be an all-day paddle from Sai Kung town, past Sharp Island and around…

Cleanup the Jin Island sea arch by sea kayak

We depart Sai Kung and follow the western shore of Kau Sai Chau to keep…

Full moon camping trip – Tung O, High Island UNESCO Global Geopark

Due to popular demand and the success of our last camping trip, we celebrate our…

Sea Kayak Rentals

All club trips and events are free of charge (unless there are direct costs associated by running the event such as truck hire, speedboat hire, venue hire etc). 

For members who do not have their own equipment and want to join in on a club trip, sea kayaks, paddles and all safety equipment are available for rental at the club member day rent of $300 per day.

For members wishing to hire sea kayaking equipment for personal use, they need to be at BEGINNER ++ level or be accompanied by a member at that level. 

Other Events

The club operates to make sea kayaking accessible to people in Hong Kong, overcoming the need for sea kayak ownership, transport and storage.

We also try to inspire people to become involved with the marine environment through regular social events or environmental events. 

These include coastal cleanups, supporting other organisations with kayaks such as Hong Kong’s Ghost Net Busters. Our Environmental committee creates a monthly event calendar of all events. 

Our club terms and conditions are listed below. Please understand that you have some responsibilities to the club and the other club members before joining.

Thank you for your consideration.

The Hong Kong Sea Kayak Club

The purpose of this club.

To promote safe and enjoyable sea kayaking in Hong Kong by providing sea-kayak training courses, affordable access & storage of sea-kayaks and creating a regular calendar of trips and events for club members.

To promote ocean literacy and stewardship through regular events and courses and by integrating sustainable policies into all club events.

I have a question before joining.

Club Membership Details

There is an annual fee of $HK300. In the first year this pays for the Basic Kayak Control Course, the Basic Rescue Course or the first equipment rental if both courses have already been completed (RPL is decided by the safety committee).

They are FREE!
The club does not charge for any events. You are only charged for club equipment rental if you do not have your own sea kayak equipment.

They are Free!

We want people to be able to sea kayak safely in Hong Kong so we provide free sea kayak courses for members.

If you do not have your own equipment then we offer sea kayak equipment rental at $300 per day.

Membership is renewed annually. The membership year starts on January 1 each year. there is no pro-rata payment system. You will need to renew your membership each year.

1: sea kayak rental
2: paddling with experienced Hong Kong sea kayakers.
3: free training courses and trips.

Club Member Responsibilities

Sea kayaking is not a race, nor is it a contest of paddling skills. It is an experience that takes you into another place where you are at peace or at odds with the forces of nature. 

These are always more powerful than you. Always! So tread carefully as you paddle. Know your limits. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you if you need it AND it is your responsibility offer help if it is needed. This club is a product of the club members and being a club member means you are expected to help.

If you have kayaking skills, then your help in training other club members is always welcome & appreciated.

The club will also have events where we will be involved in upgrading facilities at our venues. Volunteering to help on these days will make our club events more enjoyable. 

The ocean is an extremely dynamic environment which can change within minutes from being serene and placid to being wild and dangerous.
To ensure your safety & the safety of other club members sea kayaking with you, it is essential that you have the required skills and knowledge to participate in the club trips and events.

In order to make sure that you are capable, once you have joined you will need to do a Basic Kayak Control Course (free) and a Basic Rescue Course (free).

You will also have access to additional course through the Online Learning System (all free to members).

If you have recognised prior experience that is acceptable to the Club Standards then you do not have to complete the Basic Kayak Control Course.

Only Club Members can participate in Club Sea Kayak trips. Friends or family will be required to join and complete the basic kayak control and safety courses pior to participating in any trips.

Guests from other sea kayak clubs around the world will be offered a “visitor membership” opportunity.

Special “introductory trips” will be organised on a regular basis to allow non club members to understand what sea kayaking is by providing an easy and controlled experience. 

Sea kayaking exposes us to the natural world. In Hong Kong that natural world is being spoiled quickly and permanently. As part of your responsibility as a member of this club, you will have to comply with some sustainability requirements. These in general are Global Standards but local issues such as no single use plastic water bottles on our club trips is a good example. 

The Sea Kayak Hong Kong website has details of the standards.

Build an understanding of the enviroment in which you are enjoying your time. The ocean has a dramatic impact on our ability to sea kayak and we have a dramatic impact on it’s ability to sustain life. 

By extending your knowledge through experience and courses you will become a more responsible user of this amazing resource. 

To better understand ‘Ocean Literacy’ visit the Ocean Literacy page on the Sea Kayak Hong Kong website.

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