Sea Kayak Adventure Group

Ocean Litereacy International (Hong Kong)

Level 1 - Sea Kayak Competency Certificate


The basic control of the sea kayak is done through use of the paddle.
This course teaches the techniques of the 5 basic paddle strokes every kayaker needs.


There are only 2 types of sea kayakers.
Those who have capsized their sea kayak and those who will.

This course teaches you the how to be rescued , how to rescue another sea kayaker and how to self rescue. 


Understanding the sciences of the atmosphere and the oceans would take a lifetime of experience. However, there are some essential elements that need to be known if you wish to take safe sea kayak voyages.

Our online courses provide a shortcut to ancient wisdom.


Training can only take you so far. Having actual sea kayaking experience is essential for you to master the techniques you have learned.

For this course you will need to complete 3 full day journeys to qualify for your Sea Kayak Competency certificate.


Once complete, you will be competent to join a group of sea kayakers in sea kayaking around Hong kong’s extensive coastlines AND paddle by yourself in protected bays.

You will now know how much you have learned and how much more there is to know!

5 DAYS - split into 4 modules

The course runs over five days and takes place on sheltered waters. Participants will learn the skills needed to maneuver their sea kayak forwards, backwards and sideways. They will then learn how to turn their sea kayak using a variety of methods, as well how to maintain directional control using their paddle effectively to steer and track.

Once these skills have been developed, recovery strokes will be introduced along with capsize drills and effective rescue techniques. 

Knowledge about the sea kayaking environment is also required. This knowledge is gained through completing online courses specifically developed to provide answers to your sea kayak control needs. 

When the individual modules are completed you will receive a Certificate of Participation, 

When combined with 3 days of sea kayak journeys, the student will have aquired basic sea kayaking skills and AFTER assessment, will be presented with a Certificate of Competency.

Amazing Experience

Learning to sea kayak is an amazing experience, especially meeting new friends.

Future Courses

From beginner to advanced. From kayak control to learning how to surf a kayak. We do it all.

5 'practical' sessions conducted on the ocean.


Our Sea Kayak Competency courses are designed with progression, combining practical experience to develop skills and online courses to develop knowledge.

Start as an absolute novice and you will gain the basic kayak control skills quickly by doing the 1st module. – the Kayak Control Course.

We then recommend that you go for at least 1 sea kayak journey as soon as possible to put your training into practical application and reinforce the skills learned. 

It is then optional which way you complete the remaining journeys and the Basic Rescue Training course. There is no fixed or recommended order. 


Seamanship. Learning the theory of kayaking, the weather, waves and other elements that effect sea kayaking.

Sea kayaking is more than just paddling on the ocean.

The online courses are supplemental to the practical experiential lessons. 

These courses are divided into 8 categories, each can be completed at your own speed, but are progressive in design, so will need to be completed in sequence:
1. Weather (meteorology)
2. Seamanship (skills and knowledge required to keep a kayak safe at sea)
3. Planning (going there and back again – route planning and the Sea Kayakers Log Book)
4. Equipment (what to use, when and how).
5. Extra Skills (from correct paddle techniques to kayak design)
6. Safety (what to do to stay alive including survival at sea)
7. Environment (and nature)
8. Misc (all things that don’t fit in the other categories).

You will receive login details once you have enrolled for your course.

Level 1 - Sea Kayak Competency Modules

module 1 - no pre-requisites


This course covers the essential techniques to make effective and efficient paddle strokes to control the sea kayak. The fundamental building blocks of sea kayaking.

module 2 - PRE-REQUISITE​ - MODULE 1


This day covers the basic but essential self rescue skills, knowledge and experience. The course covers self and group rescue and recovery techniques.

module 3 - PRE-REQUISITE​ - MODULE 1

$750 each voyage

Training can only teach so much, then it is necessary to take what you have learned and put it into practice, demonstrating using correct technique and judgement.

online theory - integrated into each module

included in all modules.

Each practical module of the course will include a theoretical component. This will be completed online prior to the completion of the module. The final certificate will be issued after completing all modules & the entire online syllabus.