1 day
sea kayak


Sharp Island - UNESCO Global Geopark

Suitable for yrs 13 to 17

$750 per person

General Description

1 full day - itinerary

Sharp Island in Port Shelter the perfect venue to learn the essential sea kayak skills to enjoy sea kayaking safely.
Port Shelter is a protected coastal sea famous for it's the crystal clear waters and coral reefs.

9:30 am: meet at the Sha Ha Rd Carpark (inside the main gate), Sai Kung.
10 am: start the morning session - learning basic kayak control skills.

12;30pm: paddle to Pak Sha Chau for a beach lunch & snorkeling over a fringing coral reef.

14:00pm: Rescue skills training.
16:00pm: short paddle back to Sha Ha Beach - get changed.
17:00pm depart for home.

kayak Control & basic rescue Training


Our day is spent learning the essential skills necessary to control your kayak with paddle strokes.

We also practice what to do in the event of a capsize either as the person who capsized or as the person who helps.

The end result is a competent sea kayak paddler.

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Kayak Control
Paddle Strokes

Learn how to control a sea kayak using 5 basic paddle strokes.

Instinctively choose what paddle strokes to use, when and how to use them in concert & individually to sea kayak effortlessly and gracefully.

The paddle strokes to master are: forward, sweep, reverse, draw, low brace, stern rudder.

Kayak Safety
& Rescues

Learn how to rescue a capsized sea-kayakerand how to be rescued if you capsize your sea-kayak.

Even the best laid plans can go wrong, so we will learn what to do when that happens.

How to rescue a capsized kayaker and how to rescued are essential sea kayaking skills.

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All staff have SKHK seakayak instructor qualifications.

A staff ratio of 1 to 8 on the ocean and 2 to 8 on land.

Includes single & double sea kayaks, paddles, bouyancy vests and all safety equipment.

Includes lunch, snacks & water.

Includes face mask, snorkel & fins.

There are showers and toilets at our base camp.

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