Sea kayak Courses

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Amazing Experience

Learning to sea kayak is an amazing experience, especially meeting new friends.

beginner to advanced

From kayak control to learning how to surf a kayak. We do it all.


Training gives you the fundamentals on which to build your sea kayaking skills


Sea Miles

No matter how much training you have, you need experience to know what the training means



Understanding the mysteries of the atmosphere and the oceans would take a lifetime of experience. Our online courses provide a shortcut to ancient wisdom.



Once training, theory and experience merge competence results. Mastery is the final goal.



A never ending moving goal post. The ultimate challenge.

Why do you need to do a training course?

Sea kayaking is fun the first time you do it, usually on a sit-on-top kayak. But if you want to explore the coastal environment safely in a sea kayak, then you have to know more than how to paddle a sit-on-top kayak.

Sea kayaks are amazing craft. Able to take you into the most remote and wild places on any coastline. A person has actually paddled a kayak from Germany to Australia – solo.

But the ocean can be treacherous. The weather deadly. Combine the 2 when you are in a sea kayak and you need to know how to manage it, yourself and the environment. Taking a training course ensures your enjoyment & safety.

Our courses

Connecting the dots.

Our courses are designed with progression. Start as an absolute novice and you will gain the basic kayak control skills quickly. 

We then recommend basic safety skills to prepare you for what happens if! 

Then onto more advanced training covering kayak surfing, expeditions, open water as well as advanced rescue.

Most importantly, we offer kayak journeys as part of our courses so that you gain experience and knowledge under the guidance of experienced, recognised instructors.

Online courses?

Sea kayaking is more than just paddling on the ocean.

The online courses are supplemental to the practical experiential lessons. 

These courses are divided into 8 categories, each can be completed at your own speed, but are progressive in design, so will need to be completed in sequence:
1. Weather (meteorology)
2. Seamanship (skills and knowledge required to keep a kayak safe at sea)
3. Planning (going there and back again – route planning and the Sea Kayakers Log Book)
4. Equipment (what to use, when and how).
5. Skills (from tying knots to camp craft to correct paddle techniques and kayak design)
6. Safety (what to do to stay alive including survival at sea)
7. Environment (and nature)
8. Misc (all things that don’t fit in the other categories).

You will receive login details once you have enrolled for your course.

Level 1 Sea Kayak Competency Certificate

This is an entry-level course aimed at participants who would be classed as novice or beginner sea kayakers.

The course runs over four days and takes place on sheltered waters.
Participants will learn the skills needed to maneuver their sea kayak forwards, backwards and sideways. They will then learn how to turn their sea kayak using a variety of methods, as well how to maintain directional control using their paddle effectively to steer and track.
Once these skills have been developed, recovery strokes will be introduced along with capsize drills and effective rescue techniques. Individually the courses will receive a Certificate of Participation however, once combined with 2 days of sea kayak journeys, the student will have aquired basic expedition skills and after assessment, will be presented with a Certificate of Competency.

LEVEL 1 sTEP 1- CERTIFICATE of attendance


This course covers the essential techniques to make effective and efficient paddle strokes to control the sea kayak. The fundamental building blocks of sea kayaking.

LEVEL 1 sTEP 2- CERTIFICATE of attendance


This day covers the basic but essential self rescue skills, knowledge and experience. The course covers self and group rescue and recovery techniques.

LEVEL 1 sTEP 3- 2 sea kayak journeys


Training can only teach so much, then it is necessary to take what you have learned and put it into practice, demonstrating using correct technique and judgement.

LEVEL 1 sTEP 4- online + assessment


After a second sea kayak journey, the student will be assessed for competency in the course criteria. The final certificate will be issued after completing the online sylibus.