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Sea kayak Courses

If you really want to enjoy it sea kayaking you need to develop the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience.

It is also essential for the safety and enjoyment of anyone that you are paddling with, that you know how to control your kayak!

The very basic training you require is the Basic Skills Course.
A 1 day course to teach you the fundamentals of kayak control and basic safety.

if you are really going to become a competent sea kayaker you will need to complete the Level 1 course to enable you to safely make your transition into an ocean kayaker.

The level 1 course is divided into 5 x 1 day modules, each can be taken seperately but require completion to qualify for the certificate.

Sea kayaking is a very complex activity


Training gives you the fundamentals on which to build your sea kayaking skills

Sea Miles

No matter how much training you have, you need experience to know what the training means


Understanding the mysteries of the atmosphere and the oceans would take a lifetime of experience. Our online courses provide a shortcut to ancient wisdom.


Once training, theory and experience merge competence results. Mastery is the final goal.


A never ending moving goal post. The ultimate challenge.

Why do you need to do a training course?


Kayaking in the sea is fun the first time you do it, usually on a sit-on-top kayak at a protected beach or bay . But if you want to explore the coastal environment safely you will need to use a more advanced sea kayak, and then you will have to know more than how to sit on top of a kayak.

Sea kayaks are especially designed to take you on such journeys and are amazing craft. Able to take you into the most remote and wild places on any coastline. A person has actually paddled a kayak from Germany to Australia – solo with no support.

But the ocean can be treacherous. The weather deadly. Combine the 2 when you are in a sea kayak and you need to know how to manage it, yourself and the environment. Taking a training course ensures your enjoyment & safety.


Fundamental Sea Kayak Skills Course
1 day

Level 1
Sea Kayak Competency Certificate
1 to 5 days

Level 2
Sea Kayak Intermediate Certificate
1 to 5 days

Level 3
Sea Kayak
5 days