Sep 25, 2018 – Tai Tam day trip, Hong Kong


Today we paddled with a young & adventurous genius.

After briefly listening to an explanation about the formation of tropical cyclones and the pirate history of Hong Kong from our 9 year old guest, we paddled off into beautiful Tai Tam Wan, wondering how a 9 (only just) year old had such a comprehensive knowledge of the natural and cultural world. We were later informed, she liked to study – but things that she wasn’t supposed to. I must admit, I was impressed, very, very, very impressed.

AND, a joy to paddle with. Not only conversationally enlightening, but a stoic paddler who at one point suggested I could have a rest as she was able to paddle for both of us for a while. My heart lifts knowing the future has new guardians that will be looking after our fragile world.

Sea kayaking always pleases me, but today it was a different day. It was not the kayaking that made my heart sing, it was the humble invincibility and caring of a blisteringly clever 9 year old. Keep it up young lady, you are and will be making the world a much better place. My cap is doffed!

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