Sea Kayak Adventure Group

Ocean Litereacy International (Hong Kong)


departs 1:30 PM daily

HK$500 per person


Sharp Island

Sharp Island encapsulates Hong Kong’s great outdoors at its best with lush greenery, clear waters, beautiful beaches and sweeping views. It is also the edge of the super volcano that created the UNESCO Global Geopark!

Located just off mainland Sai Kung, it is Hong Kong’s smallest island country park at one square kilometre.

Our sea kayak journey

This journey is broken into 3 distinct parts.
Firstly we paddle to Sharp Island.
From here we stop for a break and a swim on the geologically unique tombolo.
Finally, another short paddle to a small sand atoll for a swim & coral viewing, before finally returning back to Sai Kung.


Sit On Top Kayaks

These very stable, easy to control kayaks make the trip suitable for all ages. No previous experience required

UNESCO Global Geopark

Sharp Island is part of the world recognised UNESCO Global Geopark. Our journey explores by land & sea.

Hike the Tombolo

When is an island not an island twice a day? When it’s a tombolo. We paddle to this amazing geological feature for a rest and swim.

Snorkeling Coral Reef

Few people know Hong Kong has coral reefs. We take you to a vibrant coral community for a look at this underwater world.

Trip in Pictures

A beautiful, very easy sea kayaking experience in the UNESCO Global Geopark of Hong Kong

Tour Times:

1:30 PM daily:

The kayak trip is timed to allow you to eat lunch before departure. 

Meeting Place:

Sha Ha Rd car park,
Sai Kung

Please change into your kayaking gear ready to move to the kayaks.

What To Bring:

  • Large (1l+) refillable water bottle
  • Swimming costume
  • Sun hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Shorts (to wear over swimming costume)
  • Sun shirt (long sleeved if possible)
  • Wet shoes (NOT flip flops or CROCs)

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