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Sea Kayak Hong Kong

what is a sea kayak?

Sea kayaks are extremely sea worthy craft able to take you to places no other vessel can reach.

They are specifically designed for open water journeys. These can be just short paddles of 1 or 2 hours, intermediate length trips of 1 or 2 days and even expeditions of 3 or more days. 

A sea kayak features water tight bulk heads for stowing equipment, food, clothing and camping gear etc.

There are 2 types of Sea Kayak:

1. The Ocean Tourer
2. The Coastal Tourer

There are both single and double versions of both types.

Sea Kayak Hong Kong only sells durable HDPE plastic kayaks (no composite versions) as we believe they are much better value than their more delicate fibreglass bretheren.

the UNESCO Global geopark coastline

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THE OCEAN TOURER is usually 5 to 6 m in length and approximately 0.6 to 0.8 m in width. This gives it the speed to travel longer distances, and volume to carry personal possessions, camping equipment, food & drink.

The kayak will usually be equipped with adjustable thigh braces for better kayak control in more turbulent open ocean conditions. It will also have a smaller cockpit for better water proofing, easier eskimo rolling, and a very comfortable seat.

The more advanced designs will have an adjustable skeg to reduce “weather cocking” in windy conditions.

5.0 All rounder

Versatile all-rounder. Most suitable for beginners to intermediate paddlers.
From $4,100

PHOTO – UNESCO Global Geopark

5.0 Expedition

Beginners to advanced paddlers.
From $5,600

PHOTO – UNESCO Global Geopark

5.2 & 5.6 Double Ocean Tourer

Extremely stable, large volume ocean tourer
From $5,200

PHOTO – Sharp Island

5.1 & 5.4 Ocean Tourer

Advanced ocean tourer
From $5,600

PHOTO – Sharp Island

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coastal TOURERS

THE COASTAL TOURER is usually 3.5 to 4.5 m in length and approximately 0.6 to 0.8 m in width. The smaller length means it is easier to turn and handle, however it reduces it’s ability in larger more open oceans. This sea kayak is more suitable for smaller paddlers who take shorter, more protected journeys on sheltered waters.

The kayak will also have a larger cockpit as easy access is more important than water proofing and eskimo rolling ability. It will have a very comfortable seat.

The most designs will come with a “rudder” to reduce “weather cocking” in windy conditions.

sea kayak journey

4.2 Beginner

Versatile and stable. Most suitable for beginners wishing to learn the sport.
From $1,500

PHOTO – Double Haven Lagoon

4.5 Coastal Explorer

A sea kayak very suitable for smaller people.
From $3,600

PHOTO – UNESCO Global Geopark

new & used from $1,000

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Sharp island kayak tour
sit on top kayak

Sea Kayak Hong Kong

what is a Sit-On-Top kayak (SOT)?

A sit-on-top kayak is really a canoe, as it does not have a deck covering the hull. 

The purpose of the sit-on-top kayak is to provide a simple paddling experience for people who have no skills and wish to get out on the water for a bit of fun.

In general, they are very stable, have a sealed hull so are relatively unsinkable and easy to paddle. 

If you capsize, then it’s just a matter of flipping the kayak back over and getting back on top. 

The downside is they are very slow and cumbersome to paddle. 

Double kayaks are great for family outings as an adult can easily paddle the kayak with a child on board.

As with all kayaks used on the ocean, you need to understand their limits as well as their benefits.

sit on top's - new


2.7 m Single

FROM $2400


3.9 M double

FROM $2900


3.6 M double + 1

FROM $2900


3.0 m Single - PEDDLE

FROM $4900

KAYAK SEATS (optional)

Optional Seats


3.9 M double + 1

FROM $3100

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

All SOT’s and sea kayaks sold by Sea Kayak Hong Kong have been tried and tested in Hong Kong waters in most weather and sea conditions.

We have a range of kayaks available for a test paddle. These are available for rent for 1 hour. The cost is $150 which will be deducted from the price on purchase (max $300).

Absolutely YES! A sea kayak, whether it is an ocean tourer or a coastal tourer, has the ability to take you long distances very quickly. They can also capsize in unskilled hands. This could lead to potentially dangerous circumstances. If you do not have competent sea kayaking skills you should consider doing a training course before buying a sea kayak.

Short answer (scuse the pun), Yes!

Some sea kayaks are not suited to larger people and some kayaks just cannot fit larger people in them. The same is true for smaller people. 
It is best to try the kayak before buying to ensure you are comfortable as this will make all the difference when you are on a long journey.

All kayaks have a weight rating that is a recommended maximum. This for sea kayaks will also include extra equipment stowed in the water tight hatches such as camping gear, clothes, food and drinks etc.

Firstly, we do not sell LDPE kayaks .

LDPE stands for Low Density PolyEthaline. It is a very soft maleable plastic that bends under pressure and easy to cut.

HDPE is High Density Polyethaline. This material is stiffer and more durable than LDPE and therefore makes the kayak perform better and last longer.

3 Layer HDPE kayaks are a foam sandwich construction comprising an outer layer of HDPE, a middle layer of high density foam and an inner layer of HDPE. The 3 layers are much stiffer than the 1 layer boats and almost as light with built in buoyancy. This construction is the best quality and makes a significant difference in kayak performance and durability. 

The kayak and a paddle (2 paddles if it is a double). 

No. All kayaks are stored in Sai Kung. If transport to other locations is required, the purchaser has to make arrangements.

Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, light blue, white, purple and any blend of those. 

Blue, white and light blue colours are NOT recommended as these are unsafe colours and blend in with the ocean.

Sea Kayaks require a good spray deck to make the kayak water tight before heading out into the ocean.

A breakdown paddle, hand pump, sponge and paddle leash are minimum safety gear that should be carried at all times.

Obviously a buoyancy vest (red or yellow or orange) with pockets is essential.

Finally a paddle float for emergencies.

For Sit On Top kayaks, a buoyancy vest per person, a breakdown paddle, and comfortable seats make the kayaking experience more comfortable.


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