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Designed to give the beginner sea kayaker a taste of sea kayak camping.

This is an easy and isolated 2-day sea kayaking camping trip that journeys through the protected inner islands of Port Shelter in the UNESCO Global Geopark of Hong Kong.

We will only paddle about 10 klms per day so you don’t need to worry about your fitness. This is a “get away” not a boot-camp. The purpose of this 2 day camp is to bring back some sanity into this crazy ‘pandemic world’. To relax, chill,enjoy moments in teh wilderness and solitude and take in someof the natural beauty of the marine landscape of Hong Kong. 

The journey takes us passed Sharp Island and Yin Tim Tsai to an overnight camp at a remote beach on Kau Chau. 

This trip is for groups of 2 to share.

SKILL LEVEL: This trip is suitable for beginners and families.
FITNESS LEVEL: You don’t need to be very fit as we use doubles and the distances are small.
KAYAKING EXPERIENCE: No kayaking experience is required
DURATION: 2 days – easy, (approx. 10 kms/day)
DEPARTS: Sha Ha Rd Sea Kayak Base, Sai Kung at 09:30 AM 
RETURNS: Sai Kung next day at 5 PM

PRICE: HK$1700 pp (see inclusions at the bottom of the page)



more health information here


Sea kayak camping is one of the most amazing experiences to be had in Hong Kong.
Due to the current pandemic conditions, for your personal health and well being, it is more important than ever to get out exercising in the sun, breathe some fresh salt air and enjoy the company of another human being, far away from the stress of living and working in the crowded city of Hong Kong.
With the current regulations in place, we have worked hard to solve the logistical issues of talking small groups safely on an ocean journey to a remote beach or island.
This website outlines why it is such a great idea healthwise to go sea kayak camping now and how we can do it without breaking the current lockdown regulations.

The BEST PART. We will have the beaches to ourselves!

Detail about the sea-kayak tour

DETAILED itinerary

Price : ADULT - hk$1,700 : CHILD - HK$1,500


We meet at our sea kayak base at the entrance to the carpark in Sha Ha Rd, Sai Kung around 09:30 to 10:00 am (your guide will provide details). From here it is a short walk to our kayaks where we pack them ready for the journey. Getting on the water around 11:00am allows us plenty of time to explore the inner islands of Shelter Bay. 

There are many routes to choose from (see map) depending on the tides, winds and general weather conditions. On any route there are ample opportunities to stop and explore the features of the islands, swim and snorkel.

We will pass under the shadows of Sharp Island, the remnants of the supervolcano responsible for the creation of the UNESCO Global Geopark, stopping to swim or snorkel.

Lunch will be on a remote island determined by our route, which in turn is determined by the wind direction and speed.  We stop at our overnight camp at around 4 pm giving us plenty of time to set up camp and cook dinner.


Our campsite is in a beautiful bay on the protected east side of Kau Chau. Here there is a small white sand beach rarely visited, facing east overlooking the clear waters of Rocky Harbour. There is nothing better than waking up to a glorious sunrise on a deserted beach.

Each group will have a 3 person tent (2 people per tent) and inflatable sleeping mats.

This is a beautiful and peaceful beach – a relaxing spot after a long day’s kayaking.

The sunrise here is stunning for those wishing to see it. Breakfast will be early so we can spend as much time on he water as possible on our return journey. 


Our return journey will be by another route if possible, totally dependent on the weather on the day.

If the wind and sea conditions are favourable we will explore the coastal features of the islands that we pass. As with any sea kayak trip, safety will always be the first consideration.

As was yesterday, today is about a scenic paddle, not a race. Our journey will have stops along the way to rest, take photos and just enjoy the ocean.

After arriving back at Sai Kung we will pack the equipment away before taking a shower and heading back to the craziness of Hong Kong

Detail about the sea-kayak tour

What's included

We use double and single sea kayaks depending on the experience of the kayaker. Doubles are faster and more stable making it easier for people to do the distances required per day if they are beginners.

This includes sprayskirts, paddles & spare paddles, bouyancy vests, paddle floats, pumps etc.

Your guide will be leading you to your destinations throughout the day and maintaining vigilent watch to ensure your safety and well being while still keeping a safe distance to ensure compliance with the stringent regulations.

 3 man tents & sleeping mats. Camp lights and stove for cooking. Pots, pans, cutlery & cups for eating and drinking.

To comply with the COVID 19 regulations each group with camp and cook seperately. 
The cooking gear (pots, pans,plates, cups and gas stoves will be supplied.
Additionally we will send menu suggestions and a packing list so you can prepare your favourite foods

We will be taking photos all the trip whcih will be freely available for download after the tour is over.

Places to be

Maps & Location

Our meeting place is at the front of the Sai Kung Squash & Tennis Centre (see map) at 10 AM.
A detailed description of how to get their is provided after you have booked your trip.


As little as possible. Everything has to fit inside the kayak as there are no roads into where we are going. A full list is provided when you book.

Anything of value that will be ruined if it gets wet. No electrical equipment unless you can protect it from the harsh marine environment.

Yes we can cater for special dietary needs. Please provide details when booking.



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