What to bring on a day or half day trip.

These are shoes that will get wet for sure! They are essential safety items here in Hong Kong due to the poor condition of the coastline, meaning the amount of trash that is in the water and distributed over the beaches. This includes broken bottles, needles, sharp plastic container and metal containers. ALL of these unnatural objects combined with barnacles, oysters etc make a nasty cocktail for your feet if they are uncovered.

The best wet shoes drin quickly, keep the sand out, stay on your feet when you are swimming and cover your toes incase you have to climb out over rocky headlands and shorelines.



This is something you wear under your shorts and rash shirt for your comfort while kayaking and swimming.
swimming costume

For sun protection and comfort while paddling you should wear a long sleeved rash shirt that is not made of cotton. This will stop your bouyancy vest from rubbing your bear skin while you are paddling.


Board shorts are worn over your swimming costume to prevent your bum rubbing on the kayak seat as you paddle. They are designed to be comfortable, quick drying and are generally made from strong and smooth polyester or nylon material which does not chafe when wet.

board shorts

Hong Kong has some extremely hot days and when out on the water you a totally at the mercy of the sun. 

The sun also reflects off the surface of the ocean, upwards into your face, so eye protection and head protection are essential.

cablz-sunglasses-strap-0 widebrimmed sun hat

A light fleece top
helps to keep the chill away. Usually made of polyperlene, they wick moisture away from the skin, so even if you are wet, you will still feel the warmth of the fabric.

light fleece top

Wind breaker:
A wind breaker is a thin outer coat designed to resist wind chill and light rain, a lighter version of a jacket.

sray jacket

don't rubbish the oceans

Sea Kayak Hong Kong - Club trips only

Refillable Water Bottle.

There are 8.5 million single use plastic bottles consumed per day in Hong Kong! 
Do not bring one sea kayaking. Only refillable water bottle allowed. 

NUFF said.

Hearty Lunch.

**NB - lunch is included on all tours

We vary rarely stop where there are any shops so you will need to bring a hearty lunch. Make sure it is in a waterproof container or dry bag as it will get wet otherwise.