About Us


Sea Kayaking is a wonderful experience, with all its trials and tribulations, it provides an opportunity to teach people so much about themselves and the world in which we live.

Here at Sea Kayak Hong Kong(SKHK) we have a very simple philosophy. Our aim is to spread the love of sea kayaking in Hong Kong (that includes China) with the hope that developing a passion for sea – kayaking will have a flow on effect to developing a caring attitude to the marine environment.

To love sea kayaking you have to feel safe and comfortable in the ocean in a sea kayak. So our primary mission is to provide opportunities to learn to sea kayak in an affordable and controlled manner, giving you the opportunity take your learning as far as you want.

Initially, it is best to learn with a group – and to do regular sea kayak journeys so that you can practice your new skills, under the eye of experienced sea kayakers – so we provide those chances too.

Our training courses are designed to provide the newbie to the sport ‘wisdom’ as quickly as possible, so that they can go paddling safely, knowing their skills and their limits and how to survive if unexpectedly caught out beyond their limits. They are also designed to provide skills enough to gain professional qualifications from Australia and the UK for those who want to spread the knowledge by becoming sea kayak instructors.

Sea kayaking has excitement and serenity. Southen China is on the edge of one of the most amazing kayaking zones in the world – SE Asia. Our expectation is to provide the desire to paddle in areas beyond our shores. The SE Chinese coast is our back garden and provides amazing paddling too.

We are the most experienced sea kayakers in China. Seasoned kayakers who have paddled for over 40 years, led by our Head Instructor, Dave Wilson (a veteran paddler from Tasmania). Over the past 8 years, we have kayaked most of the 1000+ km of the Hong Kong coastline – a book to be published in 2016 – giving details of most of the good sea kayak voyages of that country.

So, come along for an introductory trip to see if you want to know more.

Tabs & the team at Sea Kayak Hong Kong.

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