Sea kayak food journey – for the foodies, an easy beginners paddle.

Yin Tim Tsai UNESCO Global Geopark

Sea kayak food journey - for the foodies, an easy beginners paddle.

What to expect

This is not your average sea kayak trip – which usually includes bringing your own food (see pic above), but it is the perfect beginners trip to build up some sea miles. *****Please note that you have to have gone through the basic sea kayaking course to join this event / know how to control a kayak. This is to make sure the day is enjoyable for everyone.

It seems lately, some of our more experienced members have been taking short sea kayak journeys and stopping at waterfront restaurant enjoy the local cuisine instead of self-catering. 
Well, Edith (Madame Edith to her friends!), our resident foodie wants to share this experience with other paddlers – so if you are a foodie and a budding sea kayaker, join a short but enjoyable paddle around Sharp Island via Yin Tim Tsai for “noodles at the church”.

This journey will take in the mangroves and salt pans of Yin Tim Tsai so, it also has a touch of culture and environmental education to boot! ;-).

As always, normal club rules apply.
Sea Kayak Rental – if needed, $300.

What to bring.
Clothes to kayak in – wet shoes or trainers are a requirement.
Bring a light windproof shell to wear in the afternoon as it is getting cool.
A water bottle and a picnic lunch.
A winning attitude, a smile and a sense of adventure.

Yin Tim Tsai & Sharp Islands


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