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What did you do when COVID19 closed down your entire local industry?

I’m sure a lot of us don’t know the answer to that question.

How could we, because a lot of industries were insulated against the effects of closure by Government printing money, then passing it around like confetti, pretending it was an effective strategy for all, but when it obviously wasn’t. 

But one industry worldwide has been devastated.
That is the tourism / travel industry. 

Imagine then what you would do, being in a poor country where printing confetti was not an option and you were 100% reliant on International tourism for your life blood which instantly, and without warning, disappeared!

Well, that’s the position our kayaking friends in the Phillippines found themselves in at the start of global lockdowns 18 months ago. 

This is a story of compassion, creativity and even when all was really difficult, of conservation of our precious environment.

Watch the video, then go to then end of this post to browse the catalogue of these amazing products.

everything totally collapsed

When I first heard this story I was amazed.

Now that I know we can help support these noble kayak warriors, I am inspired. 

So please take your time to digest what has happened to this small kayaking company based in the Philippines, providing the sole livelihood for more than 20 people, since the whole country was locked down from international tourists. 

Watch the video to understand how the rafting community came together to upcycle their worn out kayaks, develop amazing new skills and create something new out of something old. 

It shows the stamina, ingenuity and tenacity of a kayaker to be able to make something out of nothing and care enough about the environment that they still do things for the greater good. Turning old worn out kayaks into new waterproof fashion bags - by hand!
The heart of the kayak warrior is strong in these people.

So in order to help these fine people through the upcoming months, we are buying their crafts (literally) and offering them to other kayakers too who may be willing to help and want to own a handmade bag made from the finest used kayak.

The perfect Xmas gift.

There are 3 bag styles as shown in the 2 PDFs above and below. 
Because each bag is handcrafted, they are all unique.

Each bag has a serial number, but once sold is gone, so if you have a particular one in mind, please order quickly to avoid disappointment. 

If you have anything specific in mind, the folks down there will make it for you. It will take about 2 weeks + postage. 

Order your specific bag now (include serial numbers) or go to our shop to buy any bag that is still available.

The bags in this catalogue are a guide only, as the individual bag may have already been sold. If you wish a specific bag, complete the email form with at least 2  or 3 choices, naming your preference.  We will get back to you in 24 hours if we have it available. If you wish one made similar, we can contact the guys in the Philippines with your request.

The price is $500 each for the shoulder bag & $450 for the bike mini bag.

or go to our kayak shop