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Private Tours, Courses or Events

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Private tours, course or events.

Sea Kayak Hong Kong offers regular sea kayak tours, courses, school & holiday camps and special events. However, we can also offer private sea kayak tours events etc or even develop specific one off events for special occasions.

All our standard tours can be private.

If you wish to create a private tour from one of the existing range, you simply need to complete the online form asking for the tour providing which dates you are interested in (please plan at least 2 weeks in advance as we are usually very busy).

We will require a booking for the equivalent of a minimum of 6 people on a private tour. Any additional people over 6 will cost the normal tour rate (we do not charge extra for private tours). Our maximum number for private tours depends on the tour selected. A half-day or full-day trip is usually less than 12. If you want a larger group, then special arrangements will need to be discussed.

All private tours will be operated to the same logistics as the regular tours.
Contact for more details.

Bespoke private tours or events.

We can also work with any person or group to create one-off events or tours designed specifically around your needs.

The price person will be determined by the factors involved in the trip. If you have a firm idea of the trip you want, send us an email for a quotation.

Please understand that if the trip you describe is in the open ocean or location that can have safety issues, we may not be able to accommodate your requests unless the participants have the necessary skills and capabilities.

Complete the form below to request a private sea kayak tour or event.