Sea Kayak Adventure Group

Ocean Litereacy International (Hong Kong)

Intermediate skills course – the brace and support strokes

sea kayak low and high brace stroke

Intermediate skills course - the brace and support strokes

What to expect

A sea kayaker progresses to the next level when they can confidently stop themselves from capsizing in rough seas.
This is an essential skill for any sea kayaker who wishes to paddle in exposed waters.
The techniques for righting yourself before you capsize are simple to understand but, at first, need the training to execute. 
Today’s course will teach you the 4 main techniques/strokes for making sure you do not capsize.

1. The low brace (support) & the low brace turn (support and turn).
2. The high brace (support) & the high brace turn (hanging draw).
3. The sculling support & the sculling draw stroke.
4. Edging your sea kayak to make turns and counter winds.

Mastering these skills will give you a new sense of security and will open up new destinations and opportunities for sea kayaking in Hong Kong.

As always, normal club rules apply.
Sea Kayak Rental – if needed, $300.

What to bring.
Clothes to kayak in – wet shoes or trainers are a requirement.
Bring a light windproof shell to wear in the afternoon as it is getting cool.
A water bottle and a picnic lunch.
A winning attitude, a smile and a sense of adventure.

Bird Island – Sai Kung.